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These days we all know that exercise comes with masses of physiological and psychological benefits, so why not take a deep dive into our great membership based gym here at Clonmany Community Centre!

Whatever your needs we have it all –  commercial cardiovascular machines to help you beat your previous 5k, resistance machines aimed to target both the upper and lower body in isolation, cable pulley machines to get creative, or our free weight equipment – including barbells and dumbbells. You’ll be reaching new PBs in no time! Whatever your goal, we can help you achieve it!

Our gym comes with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and if you feel like you are stuck in a rut why not avail of some of our top class personal trainers  to help get you up in the morning!



Mondays:  6am – 10pm

Tuesdays:  6am – 10pm

Wednesdays:  6am – 10pm

Thursdays:  6am – 10pm

Fridays:  6am – 10pm

Saturdays:  10am – 2pm

Sundays:  CLOSED

Bank Holidays:  CLOSED

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Austin Doherty

AD Fitness

Austin, who has been a member of the gym for almost 10 years now, works as a personal trainer here at Clonmany Community Gym. With various courses taken and credentials achieved over the years, he has a huge and ongoing interest in everything health and fitness. With almost 10 years of his own training in the books, he now competes in Powerlifting, and believes that strength training is a major component to a long and healthy lifestyle. He has vast experience working with larger groups as a fitness instructor in the past, working with individuals of all ages on the gym floor, working with team sport players for the purpose of strength and conditioning and working with those who struggle with ongoing injuries and pains. Currently he specializes in 1:1 coaching, but enjoys taking small group personal training classes ranging from 2-4 people.

“Hi I’m Austin one of the PTs at Clonmany Community Gym. I am a certified Pre-Script L1 Coach and am currently studying for a Master’s in Sport Performance Practise. I address all clients on an individual specific to their morphology and training age with the goal of managing injury and increasing performance”.


Why Spinning?

Spinning is an indoor cycling workout suitable for all levels of physical fitness and ages. It’s fun, rewarding and gets you well on your track to that healthier, happier you! Our spinning studio consists of 10 Sport Spin Bikes with  belt driven transmission to allow for an excellent range of resistance.

Our spinning instructor, Ann Friel, runs a Ladies Spin & Tone class here at Clonmany Community Centre every Tuesday and Thursday from 6:15pm to 7:45pm

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Adult Membership


Annual membership:  €250

6 month membership:  €150

3 month membership:  €85

1 month membership:  €30


*Fitness classes are not included in memberships

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Student/OAP Membership


Annual membership:  €150

6 month membership:  €80

3 month membership:  €45

1 month membership:  €30


Non-Member pay as you go fee: €5

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Junior Membership


Annual membership:  €100

6 month membership:  €60

3 month membership:  €40

1 month membership:  €30


*For ages 13 to 16

I have been a member of Clonmany Community Gym since the age of 14 and during the Covid-19 crisis in 2020 I graduated as a qualified personal trainer and approached the gym for support in growing my own Personal Training business in my local area. I cannot thank Clonmany Community Centre enough for their trust and support since I stepped inside it’s door many years ago!

Austin Doherty

Personal Trainer, AD Fitness

Brilliant gym one of the best kitted out and open good early times in the morning so no excuse to miss a workout before work

Brendan Diver

Gym Member